Due to what success is normally associated with in schools, it may be inaccurate to define it from your school’s point of view. Success in school is based on a stated mark or grad which a student must meet or exceed. For instance, as long as Emma scored above fifty percent [50%] in Mathematics this term, he’s successful.

According to this school’s standard, Chris had performed SO well in mathematics for that session while Dawn had performed poorly. You can likewise say that Chris was successful throughout. while l)awn was successful just once. Chris goes about beating his chest as a champion in Mathematics while Dawn sees himself as a failure.

Success Depends On Goals
The dictionary meaning of success p s it this way; success is the achievement of a desired goal. Have you ever considered why you love football and other games so much? It is surely because of the goals involved, I mean the possibility of scoring. Can you imagine Nigeria playing football match against Ghana on a field that has no goal-post? No matter the dribbling, passes and heading, the match will be totally boring, isn’t it? That is how academics becomes boring and meaningless to a student who has no goals. targets or aspirations.

The school has done its best by setting goals for everybody to meet up with a cut-off mark, but if you don’t want to be like everybody, you need to set personal goals for yourself.

Chris was successful by the standard of the school but in the actual sense, he was failing. Whereas, Dawn, who could have been assessed as failed is actually becoming successful. Considering Dawn’s result, success simply means making a progress along your goals. Dawn had not got to where she intends, yet she was no longer where she used to be Any form of improvement can mean success. You must just ensure that you are getting better.

If your handwriting is good today. make sure you exercise yourself and make it better tomorrow.
11’ your spoken English is fair today. help yourself with story books, dictionary or even by asking questions, in order to make it better tomorrow. Make sure before you sleep every night that you have done something better than yesterday.
A successful man who was formerly a failure in his secondary school days discovered the true meaning of success and his story was changed. He defined success with the aid of this acronym CANI
C – Constant
A – And
N – Never-ending
I – Improvement

Success is not what you achieve in a day, like a day you collect your result, it is rather what you achieve daily. It is not what you do occasionally that results in success. It is what you must continue to do whether there is examination or not, whether your teacher is around or not.

Don’t think you’ve forever mastered mathematics. English language or any other subject just by having a Distinction in it. Emeka scored 35 marks in Physics and determined to read Further. Whereas Bayo scored 87 marks and started saying; “Physics is cheap, I don’t need to trouble myself reading it”. In no time you’ll discover that Emeka is better than Bayo in Physics.

Mark this, you didn’t fail on the day you collected your result, you’ve been failing in seconds. minutes, hours, days, weeks and months before then. The five minutes you could have used to master that spelling that you rather used to play games. The one hour you could have used to read that topic in Chemistry before it was taught in class, that you used to accompany your friend to the video club.

You don’t fail in a day. Failure is not like an automobile accident which occurs suddenly. “You fail daily and in bits. Don’t ask this foolish question next time; “How did I fail English Language?” it is a foolish question because you didn’t fail English Language, you failed to come to the class punctually, you failed to ask questions, and you failed to check the dictionary. It is very easy to deal with failure if you’ve learnt to deal with it in bits. Kill the monster when it is small.

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