The Ikwerre Agenda:

Who is to be blamed?

Far back 2005/6 even if I was very much younger,I could vividly recall the call by prominent Ikwerre Sons demanding the
next Governor after Dr.Peter Odili to be an Ikwerre man hence no Ikwerre Man has occupied the number 1 seat in Rivers State.

Yes,I will never forget Ohna Sergeant Awuse (The Bulldozer) among every other Ikwerre Sons,Serg was at the forefront.

Today,I still have the copy that that TIDE NEWSPAPER with it headline “IT’S IKWERRE TURN ~ Sergeant Awuse.May history always be kind to him.

If there was anything to call “Ikwerre Agenda” it’s definitely going be between 2005-2007 yet no one noticed.

Subsequently,Omehia from Ubima in Ikwerre LGA became Governor and was replaced by Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi (the famous CRA you hear today) after 6 months on Supreme Court pronouncement.

Down to 2013,14 and 15.The battle on who succeeds Amaechi began,myself and millions of Ikwerre Sons saw the Amaechi’s ideology to take power to the Riverine that younger generation like us may have the chance to get this power in the future.

Dear Nigerians,the Riverine People refused accepting the power and opted for another Ikwerre Son to succeed Amaechi. I was among those that were hated in our towns and villages for refusing to support Ikwerre Man after Amaechi.

My house invaded twice,my Laptop and phone taken away in the midst of the heat.

The Riverine people went on,gave their support to Nyesom Wike the PDP Governorship candidate who is an Ikwerre,while we supported Dakuku Peterside,the APC candidate and a Riverine man from Opobo/Nkoro LGA.


We know the Obio Akpor came to play but the story would have been different if the Riverine had their votes intact but they refused.

So,as a Party,we went to that election and lost to Supreme Court.

Two years later,same Riverine People who exchanged their right with a pot of porridge came and instituted the popular”IKWERRE AGENDA” you hear today which I am not even a Member and wonder if such exists.

Dear Nigerians 2023 marks the end of Wike’s tenure. The ideology hasn’t changed,we will do everything to ensure a Riverine Governor emerges believing they don’t sell it out again and hinge it on IKWERRE AGENDA that never exist.

Uche Stanley
Writing from Port Harcourt

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