In 2023, Chief Senator Magnus Abe will have the first ever opportunity to test his popularity, ideas, principles and values on the ballot of INEC-conducted election in a gubernatorial contest for the position of Governor of Rivers State.

That much is now a certainty.

In Rivers politics today, Senator Magnus Abe is one of the most well-positioned nationally, with his star now shining brighter and illuminating many areas he was hitherto yet to stretch his sphere of influence.

A consummate politician, Senator Abe knows that he must convert that increased visibility into tangible political benefits not only for himself, but for Rivers people at large.

With every ounce of sincerity and objectivity, Senator Abe has for me being the most remarkable of the political troika currently bestriding the political scene of Rivers State.

A great footballer displays skills when he is in possession of the ball and can score fabulous goals. But a fantastic player is also known by what he does without the ball. He calls into the play his positional awareness and tactical runs that can create possibilities out of nothing.

Thus, of the most consequential political trio in Rivers today , that is Wike, Amaechi and Abe, Abe has impressed me so much without the ball.

Wike is in possession as Governor of Rivers. Amaechi was just in possession as a federal super minister in Buhari’s cabinet. Most of what these two have done politically cannot be discussed without the huge advantage conferred by their positions in government. They are in possession of the ball, with all the accoutrements that come with that.

Only Magnus has been out of possession of the ball with no position in government. So far, how he has been able to manage the core of his political support base and maintain scintillating presence in the political consciousness of Rivers people is a study in man-management, inspired tactics, political sagacity and tenacity.

Interestingly, in 2023, Abe is determined to give his supporters and Rivers people the opportunity to participate in the electoral process in a way that gives them the much needed alternative that they all crave.

The Abe phenomenon will be tested on the ballot in Rivers State in 2023.

I am sure that the question agitating the mind of everyone now is, on which platform will Abe do that?

Those who ask that question will argue that Wike has chosen his godson SIM on the PDP platform. Amaechi has chosen his business partner and godson Tonye Cole on the APC platform and so on which platform will Abe run?

Reasonable questions. My answer is simple. Everything in Rivers politics today is in state of flux. When the River runs it’s course, it will empty into a tributary. And then we will all know.

This post is made so that no one will be in shock when it happens.

We shall be here to communicate why Magnus must be on the ticket and the things he will do differently to put Rivers on the path of inclusive progress, respect in the comity of states, and even development.

Until then, do know that Magnus Abe shall be on the ballot because his own turn has come!

Kennedy Friday writes from Abuja.

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