The consciousness of all academic winners and would be winners You are preparing or getting ready the knowledge acquired. READINESS of the knowledge acquired. is the whole business of the learner. The kind of future you desire determines your level of preparation.

Based on this mental model, there is one skill they have found indispensable if they must achieve the goal of developing the creative Genius.

They help their learners develop the one prerequisite skill of the learner called Memorization.

Let’s then ask the obvious question; why did the. student forget? Who is to blame? The answer is still found in the interview above. By the way Dr. Yoshiro Nakamantsu is a Japanese and is currently the world’s greatest investor. He has surpassed by far the accomplishment of the greatest inventor of the 20th century Thomas Edison.

He was asked why the Japanese children are super performers and why in our competitive, world today, the Japanese have what is called competitive advantage. His response reveals that the Japanese has what it takes to produce outstanding individuals. It’s no other than the type of educational system they run. That’s their secret.

They keep training their learners till the age of 20 in order to achieve the habituation of memorization skill. It is this period I believe the student is in his final year as an undergraduate. The next phase of life begins after graduation when the knowledge that is acquired is applied in solving various problems in the society. While in school various and most of the ready knowledge is test driven and used in solving problem as they present themselves. The acquired knowledge is synthesized to produce new knowledge. This is the process Nakamatsu refers to is free association. If new things would be produced, find I bet you it will because, as new things ‘are produced by a certain idea, another new one dovetails almost immediately- then old things must necessary to be put or combined in new forms. This combination will be impossible if the content- that’s what is learned is not recalled in the first place. To help you recall what is learned is the whole essence of the 3 steps of memorization.

Memorization helps the learner by making the old knowledge available to the learner for recombination purposes so that new products, new theories, new inventions, new solutions, and better way of doing things is produced and in fact the creative genius is born.
The Japanese have identified memorization as that which must be in place if you must reach your full potential.

Those that reach their full potential are those we call the Genius, or those I say are winners in the game of academics.

They are able to do one or more of those five things proposed by Howard Gardner.
Provide solution to a well defined problem in the society
Devise an encompassing theory like the theory of relativity by Einstein in this case you not only reconfigure existing idea or data and concepts but also point the way the future researchers should take. Einstein pointed to the unified field theory.
Create a frozen work”
Perform a ritualized work as in performance.
High states performance in the society in order to bring about some kind of social or political change and let’s also add religious change.

A winner in the game of academics is one who is able V to identify and solve problems, fashion products or pose new questions within a discipline or domain in a way that is initially considered unusual but is eventually accepted within at least one cultural group in short an intelligent person.

The Japanese educational system fully utilizes the dynamics of memorization skills for the full realization of human potential. Therefore, they make the teaching of memorization part of their curriculum from primary through post Graduate. They didn’t leave the teaching of this all important subject to chance.

On the other end of the spectrum, a Nigerian leaner is left on his own to develop the skill which is the determining factor for the realization of his full potential. This ought not to be so.

The end result: low productivity; un-employability, low earning capacity and underdevelopment. Our system must take a lead from the Japanese system and institute the training of our learners in memorization. It should be part of the curriculum.

A student without the skill for memorization is like a man in the woods cutting tree with a blunt knife or a child trying to cut an iroko tree with a razor blade.

Training in memorization skill is a key practice that can re-invent our educational system that has dived south. It is a tested and proven method that bridges the gap between knowledgeable learner and literate ignoramus that ignorantly read and between success and failure. It will profit you without measure if you understand that memorization technique will guarantee your effortless accomplishment of academic success.

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