My Expectations Mgt story..

My Expectations Mgt story It’s one thing to have expectations, it’s another to be met or not. One thing is that as humans, people have their expectations, some realistic, some not. Some achievable, others not. The reality however is that some times, our expectations are met in full, at others, they’re met not in full. Yet there are times too when our expectations are met in excess just as sometimes, they are completely dashed.


The question is, what’s your Expectations Management Plan?

So yesterday i cried out about the frustrating challenge I’m having in biz & sought help from those who can.


My Expectations Mgt story

I must say that i don’t regret doing that at all, infact, i thank all those who have responded positively.

I dearly appreciate everyone of you. We remain hopeful of getting the right support we need

Unfortunately, while some reached out to help, others saw it as an opportunity to mock me & those i have relationship with like CRA, DAP, my party -APC, etc.

They were ridiculously asking what they have done for me if they can’t help me solve the power challenge.

For me, relationships shouldn’t be transactional. Being close to someone or merely joining a political party shouldn’t automatically make me the responsibility of other people.

I am primarily my own responsibility.

Yes, people can assist but Ikenda shouldn’t sit helplessly frustrated because someone somewhere hasn’t met my expectations of taking charge of my own life for me.

We all have the points we need shoulders to lean on, yes we all do, that’s what makes us humans yet we must realise there are times when those shoulders maybe busy elsewhere and that ultimately, the most reliable is our own shoulders.

My Expectations Mgt story

How anyone saw that as an opportunity to mock people is what amazes me. Like, i ought not to have needs because i know some people or that the people i know must always solve my personal problems as basis for continued closeness?

Not even God or our own parents give us everything we ask for

How did some people come to the conclusion that by just being close to someone or joining a political party, you have automatically become the responsibility of other people instead of your own self?

I mean, which law or convention teaches that everyone else except you has the duty of taking shaping your own life?

And how did that notion become so rife that it has almost turned the norm?

Our political culture, rightly or wrongly is producing a generation of young people who blame everyone else except themselves for their personal shortcomings.

That is why everyone, even the Govt itself blames the Govt. Nobody wants to take responsibility, we are all looking for to blame.

Yes, people have roles in the lives of others, but we have the greatest roles to play in our own lives. I just can’t live my life almost entirely on the basis of what someone somewhere should do for me, no i can’t.

My Expectations Mgt story

We, not others, are primarily our own responsibilities, people are only their to support. We must therefore own our lives, dreams and visions.

We must be the Chief Architect of our lives. Our weddings, dedications, burials, etc must be planned not on how much we expect from people but sincerely from what we can raise, after all, who to impress people epp?

Let my fellow young people move away from the present mindset of competition to that of mutual cooperation, after all, what exactly are we competing over?

If a friend needs 10k, instead of allowing him send texts with different lies, why not we come together and raise 1k each?

Things are getting harder for everyone, including for those we assume have alot, so we must seek ways of being our own support system

Personally, what i have done for myself is to lower expectations almost to the point of not expecting anything from anyone, if it comes fine, if it doesn’t, no problems but that way, i hardly get disappointed.

Another is that i deliberately built a circle of 10 or more friends who take turns in assisting each other overcome minor challenges.

When faced with challenges, instead of taxing my social capital, i fall back to those friends and so far, it’s working for me.

To be continued…

My Expectations Mgt story

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