Importance of Having Skill in Languages & Writing

Through language we are able to express what is on our mind to other people. If there was no language, everybody will be alone. Your school will not exist because there will be no way for your teachers to speak to you, likewise we won’t have a government, church, mosque, company, television or radio station because communication will be

If you had been in the midst of people whose language you don’t understand, you will be full of fear and tension. You will be like a dead man among the living.

For this not to happen to us in the world where we have many languages such as English language and French were chosen as official languages. This enables us to have an unlimited interaction within ourselves no matter where each of us comes from.

How do you know an illiterate in Nigeria? Simply put; it is anybody that cannot speak English language correctly. It doesn’t matter who the person is, whether he is a manager, a pastor or an Imam, a policeman, a teacher, a doctor or a student. That is why we have many illiterate students in our schools. It is a paradox, but it is very true.

Learning how to speak and write good and correct English language will sooner or later bring respect and opportunities to you. Your class captain and school prefects are chosen mostly based on their ability to speak English language correctly.

Mastery of Languages is very important if you ever aim towards becoming a leader anywhere. Anybody that hasn’t seen you before will instantly know how intelligent you are based on how well you can speak English language. Since about ninety percent [90%] of our school subjects are taught in English language, you will be a fool take it carelessly, and I’m sure you are not. Mind you, English ‘language is too wide for you to depend on your teacher for its mastery.

If you must have skill in speaking and writing English language, you must work it out for yourself.

Do you care to develop skill in English Language and writing? Then note these;
Realise the benefits that are in it; you’ll have the respect of people, including your mates, teachers and parents. You will become a leader to your mates. You will have the best results in your examinations, it will help you in securing the best job in the future, etc.
Realise that the ability to speak good English language is not a gift from God. It comes by constant practice and training which involves the following:

Start Reading Wide
You can’t be in school and not read, but I’m saying that you should start reading more, a little bit more than before. Start reading storybooks, literature books, novels, a portion of newspapers, good magazines, bible etc. what you will need to read from all these materials may not come up in your exams but it will help you throughout your life. Immediately you start reading like this. You have become one of the important persons in the whole world. At the same time, read your subject notes and textbooks very well.

Consult Dictionary
Go and look for your dictionary anytime you are in doubt about a spelling because good language begins with good spellings. A good dictionary will also help you to know the true meanings of both familiar and unfamiliar words. It makes your understanding to be rich. Will you also do this? Make sure you learn a new word from the dictionary every day Learn its correct pronunciation and application In case of any difficulty along the line; consult your teacher.

Listen Carefully
If you must speak well, you must be able to listen well. God gave you two ears and just one mouth because listening is more important that speaking. Let me tell you how to know a wise student and foolish student.

Please don’t be foolish. Listen and listen well. You can always learn better when you listen to intelligent people. These intelligent people may even be younger, probably your juniors or your mates. You may need to watch home videos or foreign movies once in a while. Please don’t just be carried away with their jokes, funny looks and attractive bodies. Get something out of it. Listen! Listen to how they pronounce words and command expressions. Just start listening now; very soon, everybody will start listening to you.

Train Your Hand to Write
Imagine a very big pot of soup with different meat and fishes without a spoon to serve it. That is the picture of a diligent student who reads and listens very well but doesn’t like writing. It is majorly through writing that what is in your brain comes out. You may not feel like you know how to write a story, a poem or solve a calculation problem until you pick up your pen and begin to write. Anytime you pick up a pen this is what you are saying:
My brain, get set! Open up! I’ve got a work for you.
Put up your antenna and connect me to the answer”

As a result of this, let your pen always be with you each time you’re reading. As you read, write down with your pen whatever has a special meaning to you. You may read a paragraph and it occurs to you as a diagram, sketch it out and think more on it.
If you have been told an interesting story before, don’t just keep it there in your brain. Pick your pen and write it down. As you write, some parts of the story that is not well written will be noticed by you. By this, you will develop better ideas to be a better story writer. Write a note or letter to people to say “thank you”, “well done”, “how is your health?” write a letter to tell your friend all that happened in the school today. Write about the kind of future you desire. Write as much as you can every day.

Whenever you are reading, any new word should be written out on a plain sheet. By this, you will learn new words and increase your vocabulary. Whatever you write with your pen sticks to your brain. Most especially when reading your physics, chemistry and mathematics textbooks, don’t let your hand be empty. Hold a pen with plain sheets or book. Don’t just read explanation and examples only, deceiving yourself that you’ve mastered it, while ignoring the exercises. The exercises are there to test if you truly understood the topic. Don’t ignore the exercises, face it, if you don’t face it now, you will have to face it in the examination where time and tension may not allow you to think very well.
Put your pen to work because it is the key that opens your brain.

Blame No One… Stop Pointing Fingers
Michael was asked why he failed Chemistry in his final examination. “My chemistry teacher,” he complained, “resumed to work very late. We didn’t have enough time to learn. I even think she is sickly because she often stayed away from classes. She wasn’t active at all. She was always on seat while teaching us in the class.

More so, our classroom was always noisy due to its closeness to a busy road. Our chairs are too low for senior students like us. Our classroom was not well ventilated. My parents were another great factor who wouldn’t pay my school fees on time. They often sent me on errands while I should be busy with my school works. They didn’t buy all the textbooks for me.
They couldn’t pay for the extramural class that I desired to attend. So I was forced to attend a less standard one. The greatest of it all was the news I heard about the death of my friend’s brother who was electrocuted just two days to my examination. It really affected me that I didn’t know what I was writing”. According to Michael, all these factors made him fail.

If I should ask you similar question, I know you will have a similar response for me. Really there are always different imperfect situations surrounding your performances. there is no way you can prevent all these situations. You must just make sure they don’t affect you negatively. You are not the only one that has excuses. Every other person does.
Nothing happens to you alone. What happens to you happens to many others. It is what each person does about it that makes him to fail or succeed.

Let me quickly introduce some people to you who could have been beggars on the streets, had they allowed their excuses to make them so. Yet all of them are great people in their countries. They are even more popular than the presidents of their countries.

Abraham Lincoln, one time president of America was born in a very poor home and had little formal education.

Demosthenes, the greatest speaker of his time was a stammerer. The first time speak in public, he was seriously embarrassed by the people.

Napoleon, the great warrior was born by very poor parents. He was very dull. In the class of sixty-five [65] students, he often came sixty-fourth [64th] position.

Beethoven, the great composer and pianist was born deaf.

Thomas Edison, the great inventor was also deaf. He attended school for only six months.
Albert Einstein, the renowned Physicist was called a slow learner with retarded f growth. He was written off as uneducable. Plato, the greatest scientist and philosopher had a hunchback and was unattractive.

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