Up till now, you have been reading with your left brain. Reading with your left brain helps you sort out the seed for sowing, in other to store the selected seed you have to incorporate your right brain. Having selected and sorted the right seed of information for storage, it is now time to move on to the next step, the farmer calls it SOWING the reader calls it STORAGE OR RETENTION. Certain laws and rules must be obeyed, depending on the type of seed you want to sow. Incorporating right brain reading in your reading assignment helps you to achieve wholistic brain reading. Most of the laws should be combined with the right brain reading during the storage stage. The process of storage to a large extent determines if retrieval will be easy. You need a hook to help you pull out the right fish when you want the fish.

Einstein applies the law of visualization a lot in his reading assignment. Having selected the seed of information you must ask yourself the all important question. How can I store this information for easy recall? Which of the laws is appropriate for this storage?

You can use the law of visualization like Einstein. It pays better to try to convert what you are reading into pictures. Information becomes more memorable if seen in your mind’s eye. Ask yourself what the information you are handling and that which you want to store reminds you of.

Lift your head and move your eyes to the right or left to convert the information to pictures.
If you want to use the law of Association, ask yourself questions like:

Is this information analogous to what?
-Are there examples of what I am reading which can be found in everyday experience?

Is there a metaphor that can capture the whole essence of the information?

Associating information with things around you, say your brother’s name or with events in your life, say your date of birth can help you store information for easy recall. Observe that if you associate the name of a person with the name you already know, you are 80% most likely going to remember that name.

Some information need be repeated and worth being repeated severally. If you have a definition or set of want to store reminds you of factors of , it will serve you better to repeat word for word that definition severally for easy recall.


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