Skill and task should correlate
Gain feedback and measure performance
Set three goals
How much time do you want to invest per reading session?
You must decide this well before commencement of reading.

How many pages of the book and how much knowledge you intend to acquire?
What questions do you want to find their answers? What level of knowledge you intend to attain should also be included too.

2. Correlation between skill and task: If the task is well below the skill, boredom sets in, also, if the task is greater than the skill, frustration results. There should be a match between the skill and the task if concentration is desired. In setting your goal don’t set to cover 10 pages in I hour when your current level of performance is 2 pages an hour.

3. So far so, what … should be the rule. At the end of each section, or paragraph or topic or definition or learning of, main points, or definition, quiz yourself. Recite it.
Knowing the questions you want to find the answers, and knowing the answers, and knowing that you can recall the answers without making reference to the book is itself a confidence builder.

Remember this; a rolling stone gathers no moisture; my late father used to say. Concentration is the key.
Success is not hocus pocus success is focus.

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