The aim of this post in the process of reading is to
perfect knowledge
confirm knowledge
render the knowledge ready and useful s

No time in reading is spent more profitable than that in reviewing or reciting what is learned. All things being equal, the most successful reader is the one who’ secures from himself or herself the most frequent, thorough and interesting review.

Not merely to know, but you should endeavor to have knowledge for use just as you have money in your pocket for daily expenditure. This is the aim of true reading. There is a reason I have for repeating this over and over again. It is not possible to achieve this Reading for knowledge in a single reading. Frequent and thorough review makes it possible for one to effortlessly access knowledge.

If knowledge would ever be readily available, we must return to it so often that it will at last rise up in mind just as once conscience wells up and power its steady light upon every act.

The book, paragraph, chapter that is read only once is read only to be forgotten. It is only through thorough review that new knowledge is woven into the very fabric of your thought. It is not what you read and recite once that is a correct measure of your academic achievement.

The rethinking of a thought which is the repetition by the mind is what review is all about, which equally involves fresh conceptions and new association, and builds an increase of facility and power.

Two types of review come to light:
First, the mere repetition of the word of a\book, and secondly that most careful resurvey of what was read. The simplest review is mostly repetitive. The final and complete review Involves thorough rethinking of what was read. By rethinking I mean thinking over the knowledge acquired by asking questions regarding them that will lead to the last four levels of learning in the Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives. You must return again and again to what you have read if you would see all there is in what you have read in order for you to come to a true and vivid understanding of its meaning.

Repetition of review processes are not made the same hour. They should be spread over days and weeks, and hence a new element is brought into play. The lapse of time changes the original view you had. Every review gives you a new standpoint. When this happens there is a sort of mental incubation as a result of which some new and splendid discovery often times spring forth. The brain keeps working for you though you aren’t aware.

The repeated reading of one book for example will give you a mastery of the subject. That is why men of old said” beware of the man of one book”. Frequent repetition is valuable to correct memorization and ready recall. Memory depends upon the association of ideas. Knowledge builds on knowledge .The incoming knowledge must have a place of landing. The idea to be recalled has to be linked by some past association. Each review establishes new association while at the same time familiarizing and strengthening the old one. Anything not reviewed leaves the work half done. No reader can achieve success in what is read without review. Review is equally the revisiting and repetition of what was read. Review process differs from subject to subject and the level of mastery of subject desired.

At the elementary level, review can be a little more than simple repetition, but at the secondary and tertiary levels it should be to gain deeper understanding.

One of the best and most practical forms of review is the calling up of any fact or truth or principle learned. Whereas the last four levels of learning deals with the application of what is learned, nothing so fixes in the memory or gives you a grasp of it to full understanding than this review process. That is why your multiplication table for instance is learned by orderly repetition of its factors and products, if you want it to come without call you must frequently make use of it in your daily computation.

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