The power plant of the cells are the hundreds of little structures called mitochondrian that we see inside each neuron. Fuel is burned in these power plants to produce the crucial ATP energy which the brain depends for its life. The brain can only utilize sugar though other parts of the body can use fat or sugar as their fuel. This creates a problem for the brain since this sugar cannot be stored in its cells; the brain is dependent on a constant delivery of this fuel by the blood thatcirculates throughout its blood vessels.

The brain consumes about 50% of all the sugar (glucose) in the body. The blood stream must be relatively free of insulin if the brain will be able to claim this disappropriate amount of sugar. When there is little or no insulin in the blood stream, the other organs of the body ignores the sugar and rely on the fat as their energy fuel, thereby leaving most of the blood sugar for the brain.

Our modern day food is characterized by the following:
It Contain High sugar
It Contain Low-fibre.
Is Processed

All these tend to stimulate frequent insulin release into the blood stream. There is surprisingly little sugar in the blood of a healthy non- diabetic person; in fact, the entire blood circulation of the human body normally contains less than one teaspoonful of sugar.

When you consume high-sugar soft, drink, candy, doughnuts, dried fruits, etc you may be flooding your body with ten to twenty teaspoons of rapidly absorbed sugar. A portion of our brain called the hypothalamus is constantly monitoring blood sugar. It tends to send a message to the pancreas to squirt some insulin into the blood in order to lower the level to normal. This is essential, for excessive blood sugar levels can cause many problems- even death.

The insulin in turn signals all body cells to grab sugar from the blood. All other organs like heart, lungs etc thereby compete with the brain for blood sugar. So, ironically the way to get adequate sugar fuel to the brain is simply to avoid simple sugar foods such as soft drinks, candy sweet pastries, jellies and jams in the diet, because these are the foods that most powerfully trigger the release of insulin in your body.

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