Are You Sharp Or Blunt?
Have you ever worked with any tool that is not sharp, like a knife, cutlass, blade, scissors, and so on? When you write or draw with a blunt pencil, what do you have? A rough and unappealing work? Likewise a wise tailor makes sure the blade or scissors is very sharp so that his work can be fast and neat. That is why anybody that works with these and similar things don’t delay in sharpening them. By so doing, their performance remains perfect.

Do you know there is something in you that require constant and everyday sharpening, in order not to be blunt or dull? That is your mind.

There is something daddy does to his car every morning to ensure it performs very well that day – warming.

After some period of driving a car or operating a machine and you start noticing some faults in its performance, you are always advised to do something – Service.

There is something you must do before you present a play, choreography, song, poem recitation etc. to an audience – Practice or rehearsal.

Mind you dear, the singular purpose of all these things, whether in you or in a car, is to sharpen you for the best performance. As you cannot do without brushing, eating or bathing everyday whether you are in school or on holiday, there are some things you must continue doing everyday so that your mind don’t go blunt or dull and finally becomes unproductive. You will get to know those things as you read on.

Get Set For the Appointment
Many years ago, there was a president in one great nation, a nation that could be compared to the America of today. The name of the nation was Babylon. The name of the president was Nebuchad. The president wanted to appoint people to fill various positions like vice president, senate president. attorney general, ministers and other important people who will rule the country with him. As you know that a tree cannot make a forest.
Do you like to know how president Nebuchad got these people? He simply sent some agents into the states of the country to search out the people that were smart enough to occupy those positions. The people must have some qualities. Try and pay attention.

They Must Not Be Sinful
Sin is doing what offends .God and disturb the peace of people. Let me remind you that the person that wanted this quality was not a pastor or an Imam. It was a president of a country where they don’t have Christianity or Islam all they do is worship idols. So if an idol worshipper knows that sin is not good, you had better know that t is not good.

If you are used to telling lies and you are very good at it. People will begin to find out one by one and very soon, nobody will be able to trust you again. They will start saying. “Be careful of Erneka, because if he told you ‘2”. the thing may likely be “20”. President Nebuchad didn’t want a leader that people cannot trust.

A school boy who is in love with pre-marital sex will soon be stealing money to give to the girls. He would start failing his exams because he would have wasted his time thinking on how to woo them. If the boy doesn’t stop now, he will grow up to become a womanizer whose wife, children and relatives will no longer respect and one day. he i I contact an incurable disease.

President Nebuchad didn’t want a thief, or a womanizer in his cabinet. In short. sin is not good for anybody whether Christian, Muslims or pagan. It makes your life blunt and dull.

They Must Look Good
If there is somebody you’ve never met before or talked to, what is the major factor that will help you to know if he is good or bad, decent or wayward, responsible or otherwise? Of course by how he or she dresses because what you wear suggests who you are. If there happens to be an incident of robbery around you and the policemen just began to search for suspects, are you sure your hairstyle and dressing will not implicate you?

Listen to me girl, if you were to stay around a brothel, probably waiting for a taxi, are you sure you will not be seen as one of the prostitutes there? President Nebuchad didn’t want an indecent and careless leader.

They Must Be Gifted
There is something you love doing because you find it so interesting and natural. It was not too hard for you to learn and master it like other things. Each time you do that thing, you always impress people and move them to clap for you. I hope you have noticed such thing in your life. Pay more attention to it. That is likely to be your area of gifting and talent. It may be singing, composing songs, playing musical instruments, football, table tennis, running, sport and athletics in general. It may also be in art, design and decorations, preaching, writing either poems or story, acting drama, calculation, counseling, speaking, working with electrical wires, teaching, caring for people and so many others. Do you know the cheapest way to become a star?

Locate your talent and seek higher education to train it.
Do you know that God so much loves and cares for you that He didn’t allow you to be born without a talent? As daddy and mummy will not allow you to come to school without something to eat or drink, God put something in your hands when you were coming to this world. Just stand up, go and ask mummy how your palms were, when you were born. She will let you know that your palms were not opened. They were tightly closed or folded.

Mummy and daddy didn’t see or understand what you were holding. They didn’t know that it was something more than one million dollars. It is something that will make you rich and respected.

Please don’t drop it for education, use it along with education. Use education to train and refine it until its glory and beauty attracts people who will not hesitate to pay you for it. Once again, don’t drop it because your fleet of cars is in it. Your mansion is in it, your beautiful clothes and shoes are in it, your popularity and probably your international visas. Go over this section about two more times. Read more carefully until my parables make a clearer meaning to you.

They Must Have Wisdom & Knowledge
These two things are powerful. They are major parts of the powers that rule the world. Knowledge is acquired through what you read in your books, see on television, hear on radio, and hear from teachers and somebody else. It is the process of getting facts and information.

You gain knowledge when you are told that;
Friction is reduced by lubrication
Judicial arm of the government makes the laws
Adverbs modify verbs
The first astronaut that landed on the moon was Neil Armstrong.

Knowledge is very wide and abundant. You can’t have it enough no matter who your teacher is or what your school is. You can only get a better portion of it by what you do on your own; how much you can read and observe. Knowledge is very good but it cannot stand alone. It must be balanced with wisdom.

Sodiq is a very serious student. He takes time to read, comes to school punctually and always in the class. He memorizes his notes very well and can easily give answers to question like these;
List 10 functions of a local government
Write 3 types of batteries
Mention 25 problems of transportation
Enumerate 3 parts of speech.

Any question that has a direct answer from Sodiq’s notebook is never a problem for Sodiq because he can even read a whole notebook offhand. But any question that comes indirectly is always a problem [‘or him. His brain is stored-up with information so much that he doesn’t use it to think. Listen to me dear; your brain is not just a store, it is an instrument for thinking. You cannot be wise until you learn how to think. Wisdom is a product of serious thinking.

There is no problem that you can’t solve by thinking. Do you want to know why countries like America, Britain, France, Germany and others are great? They are all thinkers. Whenever they have a problem, they stay and think deeply on it, till they find the answer. The results of their thinking are aeroplane, ship, computer, escalator, piano, vehicles, television, video, DVD and others.

How Do You Think
Finding solution to your problems is very similar to finding a new TV station on your TV set. You get your antenna rotating through the remote control. While rotating, something like a plate or otherwise called the receiver begins to search for signal from the satellite of the TV station. At the moment the signal is received, the TV channel shows on your TV set.

Thinking starts when you ask yourself a question. If what you were looking for is an answer or a solution to a problem, then you should know that question is the only thing that brings answer. The kind of questions that normally bring solutions are often asked in “How”
How can I improve in Mathematics?
How can I stop coming late to school?
How can I stop making my parents angry at me?
How can I get money for the excursion?
How can I convince my parents that I need to study psychology?
How can I stop getting into trouble in school?
How can I work faster in my exams?
How can I help my younger brother stop stealing?
How can mummy do better in her business?
How can I be making money to assist my ageing father in my higher education?

Immediately you ask questions like these; looking for answers, your brain quickly sets up its antenna. As the antenna rotates, it reflects on your past experiences, analyses your present condition and imagine the future for you. There is no answer you can be looking for that your brain cannot search out from those three avenues your past, your present and your future. Don’t bother if you don’t really understand this aspect now. You will understand it better by and by.
Think On These!
You can get knowledge in the college, but wisdom comes by thinking. Are you ready to see the last quality that president Nebuchad wanted in those people?

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