How A Picture Can Speak To You

A picture speaks the language that the whole world can understand. ‘you don’t need to understand English language, French, or German before knowing what a picture stands for. This powerful ability of pictures can be used to transform your life. You can position a picture like an instructor so that even if there is nobody to advise, counsel or direct you, the picture will do.

One of my friends in the secondary school days determined to become a popular professor like Prof. Wole Soyinka. So he cut the professor’s picture out of a newspaper and pasted it on the wall, close to his bed. He sees the picture before he goes to bed and whenever he Wakes up, that is the first thing he sees. Each time he sees the picture, he is instantly reminded of how the man read for long hours every day, In other words, the picture always tell him; “if you truly want to he like Prof. Wole Soy inka you need to read harder, you’ve not read Wall enough.”

Sometimes the picture reminds him of how the professor checks dictionary to improve his written and spoken English and it is as if the picture is saying “have you checked your dictionary today? Which MW words did you master today? He failed some of his courses in the University after reading so hard. He nearly got discouraged, but immediately he saw the picture of his Hero again, he remembered that the Professor – had failed so many times too, only that he refused to get discouraged. All along, this picture had been his personal instructor and success coach. I tell you my friend is doing very fine o his way to becoming a professor. Sincerely speaking, you need a picture for your future.

A Written Word Can Be Your Picture
How do you remember the people that you cannot see? Through their pictures, something they’ve given to you before, somebody that is close to them etc. Isn’t it?
Now, in case you don’t have their pictures or any of these. how do you still remember them? Simply by their names! Whatever you’ve known about a person rushes to your mind whenever you say his name. Close your eyes now and call IS”, what can you remember? Miracles’, healing last supper punishment on the cross, isn’t it?

You may not bother to close your eyes now, just mention “Jay—Jay Okocha” I’m sure you’ve started seeing a football field, goal post and spectators in a beautiful stadium. Atlanta ‘96’, France ‘98’ or Tunisia 2004 have started running in your mind like a video tape. You can see that averagely tall and muscular man in green jersey, dribbling, heading and kicking a ball on the field with excited spectators. You might not be able to recollect anything more than these unless you have read or heard something about his private life. What he does on the field cannot inspire you as much as what he does in his everyday life. That is why I have included the chapter on “Exclusive Success Stories” to help you see a clearer picture of great peoples’ lives.

People’s names are the video tapes of their lives. Each time you desire to remember their lives, just call their names.
I’ve read and heard about many wonderful people whose lives are good examples for anyone that wants to be successful. Some of them are dead now, while sonic of them are from foreign countries. So I have no means of getting their pictures. What did I do to keep remembering their lives? I used their names. I wrote something like this and hanged it on the wall, in my bedroom.

God has given me a great future. To get there, I must regularly PR.4) FAST and READ HARD. I will always remember and emulate A. A. Allen, Vincent Peale, Mahatma Ghandi, Myles Munroe, Nelson Mandela, E. A. Adeboye, D. K. Olukoya…
Sign___________________ Date_______________
This is just a sample. Do a list that suits your future. So you’ll need to write your own. If you don’t readily have the names that can inspire you. just wait till you get to chapter 6 “Exclusive Success Stories,” then you will have more than enough.

Solomon “The Wisest “Says, Go!
There is none of L. compare with the Historical King Solomon in terms of wisdom. Solomon said a lot about lazy people. He often pitied their future for the facts that they will always be poor, servants of their mates, without honour unrecognised, etc. but at a point, Solomon decided to give a solution to their problem; what they can do to get rid of laziness, be up and doing and motivate themselves. He said:

“Go to the ant, you lazy! Consider her ways and be WISE, which having no teacher or captain… How long will you lie down, 0 lazy? When will you rise from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep. So shall poverty come on you like a hunter and your needs like an armed robber?”

“GO” is the two letter solution that Solomon gave. How can you interpret the word “GO”? It means “get out!”. “leave!”, “move!”, “change!”, “act!” Solomon made it very clear that poverty doesn’t come in a day. It comes little by little. Notice how many times he used “little”.

One day, I was invited to speak to a group of youth in Lagos, Nigeria. There were so many of them who haven’t got admission into higher institution since they left the college in spite of several attempts, At this point in their lives, the hope of going further in their academic pursuit have reduced; I was able to offer them solution by telling them “GO’,.

There are good number of universities and polytechnics in the city. I asked if they have visited any of them before. None of them had. I Instructed them to go one day and just walk through the schools for mere sight-seeing. I was greatly surprised at their obedience. They did go and when they returned, a new strength, focus and interest has started in them.

One of them said, ‘If the universities are filled with people who are rarely older or better than me, I can also be part of the place “.

Another one said, “I/all it takes is reading, I will start reading like never before “that is the only way to become a lawyer I’ve always desired to be “&t her said passionately “I will rather die reading “.

A mother complained to me about her son. He was not serious and ambitious at all. He had no regard for academics and never took life seriously. He was only good at eating, watching movies and visiting friends. His family is resident in an awkward area of the city. I called this boy, gave him the description of an area in the city reserved for the rich only. I ordered him to “GO”, promising him something Impressive at his arrival.

I (is area and house were only as a dumping ground compared to what he saw in these areas. Carefully read what he said at his arrival “, “Sir, I saw great things today, I won’t rest until I touch them”, He didn’t bother asking for the reward I promised, because he had been rewarded with a new vision.

Now let’s apply what King Solomon meant by “GO”“get out”. “leave”, “move”, “change”, “Act”.

If there is nobody around your household that is doing very fine or leading the kind of life you desire to lead in the future.
Solomon says “GET OUT”, mix with the family you desire, visit and relate with them because what surrounds you. will determine your future. Don’t restraint yourself totally to an environment that doesn’t inspire you”.

You are set to read your book which requires your full attention and concentration. There in the sitting room with you is the rest of your family, watching a home video. At a time you begin to twist your head east-west; from your book to TV. My dear, that is called distraction. it’s the enemy of distinction. Solomon says “LEAVE! Locate a quiet place somewhere else and continue.”

On your way to school or somewhere very important, you suddenly see a crowd standing at a spot with a hell of noise coming from their midst. Somehow you get to know that it is just a fight or a man performing tricks. It occurs to you to wait and watch the scene. The wisest man says, “MOVE! Your time is very precious, don’t waste it. Time is money, even more than money because it’s your time that fetches you money. I became rich and wise because I respected my time”.

You always feel like doing your reading, writing and calculating on that long chair in your sitting room or on your rug or carpet where you can relax your body quite alright. Yet you discover that you don’t normally do much while lying down like this. Having determined to read a chapter, you are just at the second paragraph when you discovered that you’ve started nodding your head like agama lizard, dozing.

Solomon tells you “change your posture and your position! Sit up on a chair with table before you. Wake up, be active, be up and doing. Don’t permit any unnecessary sleep. Remember, a little sleep, a little dozing, and a little folding of arms results in abject poverty.

Though singing is not a part of your subjects in school but you love singing and can sing very well. Solomon says, “ACT!, sing it out, write the song, sing it to Daddy, Mummy, a friend, in the church of elsewhere. One day you will sing it before the world. You may be the next Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Ron Kenoly, King Sunny Ade, Sunny Oko sun, etc.

You always want to know how motorcycles, cars, buses, trailers and others function. No one teaches you that in school because it is not part of your subjects. Solomon says “ACT!” Go to a nearby mechanic workshop and ask questions. You may be the next Engineer that your country had been waiting for. You may be the engineer that will design the new car model that an incoming president will ride.”

Whenever something happens around you and everybody begins to cry or laugh about it. The next thing that you think about is to write it inform of a story or a poem. Solomon says “Act!, go ahead, we don’t yet have enough writers in the world . Your story or poem may turn out a hot cake that will be read across the nation and beyond. Write the first one show it to daddy, mummy, teacher or principal and in case they don’t value it, don’t stop, keep it up. One day someone will give you a phone call, “please can we get 5000 copies of your books?

You have offended quite a number of people at home, in school, and other places by drawing something at the back of their books. Your friends always wonder how you are so fond of using special letterings while you are merely writing your names on your textbooks. You are always the one to notice how good or bad a complimentary card is or how appropriate the colours combination is, either on a person or in a picture.

Solomon says, “Act!” observe more colours, criticize more pictures, learn more about lettering, ask question from Artists around you. Design a complimentary card and send it to your friends, uncle, teachers, and others. Draw a school building and give it to a proprietor. Let no day pass without you dr4wng or painting something.

Listen to this; churches need to be more beautiful. Government houses all over the nation need better designs. Who knows if you would be the better artist or better designer they have been waiting for? Don’t drop it, don’t kill it, it may be your gateway to the millionaires’ club in the world.

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